Account and Password

I forgot my password.

Please use the option Change Password to retrieve access to your account. If you registered via Facebook and Twitter - use them to log in. Still having troubles signing in? Get in touch with us tagalongmusic@gmail.com

I did not receive a verification link for my account.

To get verification link again please go to Forgot Password Page and press the button "Resend verification link”.

How do I activate my account?

In order to activate your account, you have to go to your email and press Activation link on the email you received from Tag A Long. You may need to check the Spam folder as well.

How many accounts can I register?

Only one account per user is allowed. Having other accounts may be interpreted as cheating. Penalizing measures will be undertaken.

I can’t sign up.

Make sure you haven’t registered in the app before. Maximum 1 registration per Email/Phone. If you have never registered on the app and still have troubles signing up, please contact us at Tagalong@mail. We kindly ask you to include the text of an error you get and a screenshot. It would help us to resolve the situation.

I want to delete a profile.

Currently you can’t delete profiles on Tag A Long. We are working on this feature. However, you can delete all the tracks as well as change your username and display name on the app yourself.

Tracks and Beats

I want to delete a track.

To delete a track just press the 3 dots menu under it on your profile and choose Delete. If you delete a track.

I want to delete a Collaboration.

If you're the initiator of the collaboration then you can surely delete it, but if you are not then you don't have the permission to delete it.

Subscription and Purchases

Where do I buy Tag Tokens / Additional Storage?

You can buy Tag Tokens and Additional storage in the Settings.

What are the Tag Token used for?

Tag Tokens are used to purchase premium beats to make a collaboration or solo sing.

What is storage on Tag A Long used for?

You can sing more and can upload tracks on Tag A Long.